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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Dönerstag Geocoin- Where in the world is Signal the Frog®?

The Dönerstag events are just over a week ago and our friends at Geocaching HQ have made available a cool geocoin to celebrate.

This impressive geocoin, designed by Roxxy, truly has to be seen to be appreciated. It a very heavy coin with incredible detail and colors along with very fun layers of design. 

This geocoin is trackable at with a unique icon. 

The coins won't arrive in time for the event but that doesn't mean you need to miss out on a cool souvenier to celebrate the event. We will keep orders open until the day after events so event attendees can order.

Place your order here.

Friday, 7 October 2016

The Seven Deadly Ducks Geocoin

We are celebrating 15 years of trackables! 

Way back in 2001, the first trackables were sent to travel the world. founder Jeremy Irish released 7 "Deadly Ducks" (which were really rubber duckies) into the wild and let people know to move them from geocache to geocache. 

Even though this first trackable was before the invention of the Geocoin, we celebrate this monumental shift in the game with a Geocoin! The Seven Deadly Ducks coin can take you through a vortex all the way back to 2001 as it travels the world, or will make any collection 7 ducks better!

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Moun10Bike 15 Year Tribute Geocoin

In the fall of 2001, one of the original geocachers, Jon Stanley (better known as Moun10Bike), decided to take the new trackables concept a step further when he minted the very first Geocoins. 

Moun10Bike Geocoins are perhaps the most coveted coins in the geocaching world. It is a thrill for any geocacher just to have seen one, and there are many epic stories of their adventures traveling the world. 

As we celebrate 15 Years of Trackables, we wanted to find a way to have a worthy tribute. We worked with celebrated designer Christian Mackey to create a coin that celebrates and honors this true original. Celebrate the legend with the Moun10Bike Tribute Geocoin!

EarthCache Day 2016

Each year, The Geological Society of America celebrates International EarthCache Day on the first Sunday of Earth Science Week and the last Sunday of World Space Week. 

In 2016 that day is Sunday 9 October. 

International EarthCache day items include a patch, trackable tag and Geocoin!  A portion of the sale of every EarthCache Day item will go to support the work of the GSA.  
You can get your EarthCache Day item here
For more information about International EarthCache Day, please click here.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

More penguins Percy hails from the South Pole where he enjoys caching in colder climates. However, he has always longed for tropical climes, but he can also be spotted along caches in hot areas. All Cache Buddies are made of aluminum, just like travel bugs and come with a chain so that it may be attached to another item. Percy the Penguin measures just under 2".

Flying Dragon

They seem to be all the rage at the moment. Papa liked them so much that he just had to get one of his own. He also added another to the order so its available on a first come first served basis.

Click on the dragon to order.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Mail Call

Something good arrived totally unexpected in the KiwiCachers mailbox today. A friend of the store in Timaru was cleaning out the house after the kids had moved out, preparing to move house, and came across a couple of trackables. Not sure what to do with them they posted them to us. Two owners are going to be happy that their trackables, missing since 2008 and 2012, are back in circulation.